Corporate Communications Correspondence

Designing and writing internal communications to create better operational success and understanding throughout all levels of the organization. Designing and printing of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folders and other corporate collateral needed in everyday business communications throughout the organization.


Designing and developing the magazines, newsletters, annual reports and catalogs needed to communicate with various stakeholders throughout the organization including writing, designing and distributing print or online company communications.

Survey/Feedback Management

Developing tools to solicit input from stakeholders during a transition.


Developing themes and materials to ensure stakeholder excitement and attendance at events, including invitations, RSVP systems and microsites. Designing and developing presentations, signage, handouts, gifts and other materials to make an event successful in achieving corporate goals.

Employee Communications Intranet & Memos

Designing and developing private, online communication systems that can spread complex messages throughout a large or small organization.

Crisis Communications Planning

Reviewing crisis communications and strategy plans for both man-made issues and natural disasters, including events such as data breaches or hurricanes, so a company covers all communication needs to various stakeholder audiences.