FUTURE LAB: Strategic Planning for Business

We mine your abundant possibilities.

It's a simple process: Tell us what you want to be when you grow up and what you want your organization to become. Then, we dream with you, plan the way, build the map and help you become your vision of the future. 

With brilliant results: We can make it faster, more profitable and better just by riding shotgun on your journey. 

Stafford Wood, Chief Strategist, has been the Jiminy Cricket, Fairy Godmother and Shrek's Donkey to CEOs as they've built from the ubiquitous napkin business plan to unimagined reality, 3 employees to 300, one state to 48, 40 countries to 100. Her intensely benevolent truth-telling and wicked savvy will make your world feel less volatile and more certain as she turns ambiguity into a clear path and complex chaos into a stairway to... well, not quite heaven, but at least a better future. The team at Covalent and her network of subject matter experts will join as needed to get you to your own bright dream. 

Planning for tomorrow's problems. 

Schedule a conversation and start to see extra in extraordinary.