Interactive Strategy Planning

Creating an overall digital strategy for managing website(s), blogs, social media, email marketing and online ad campaigns. Developing information architecture to serve a company’s needs and resources for management. Providing guidance about how best to share information and build a reputation online including the blueprint for multi-media campaigns.

Corporate Websites Design/Build

Designing and developing simple or complex content management systems and the websites they manage.

Website Management

Providing 24/7 website management services to develop, control and publish information on behalf of a company. 

Microsites Design/Build

Designing and developing smaller websites limited to a narrow purpose or time window that interacts and supports the overall corporate site. 

Email Marketing Communications

Developing and executing simple or complex email newsletters, communications and campaigns including list management, creative and mail delivery. 

Text Messaging Management

Writing, editing and distributing mass messages via text to customers and community stakeholders.  

Corporate Design

Creating a website that is both visually appealing and well organized and is able to meet the needs of an organization and its stakeholders.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Integrating front-end design with WordPress, Square or our custom CMS, a web-based software application that allows users to build, maintain and modify a dynamic website. It is engineered to place ultimate control in a company’s hands while providing a wide range of aesthetic and functional flexibility. 

Campaign Microsite Design/Build

Designing and developing smaller websites limited to a narrow purpose or time window that interact with and support the overall corporate site.

Hosting & Maintenance Support

Hosting websites and providing necessary storage, bandwidth, systems administration and backups to ensure the site is accessible and functioning.

Quality Assurance Development & Design Testing

Analyzing the performance of sites or online tools on a variety of desktop, mobile and tablet browsers to ensure the site will look good and function in a variety of venues. Defining problems in an existing website and developing smart solutions to issues to avoid a total redesign of a mostly functional site.

Application Integration Ecommerce & CRM Solutions

Integrating a site to function with an existing ecommerce, CRM or accounting software through APIs and other solutions, making a seamless system out of a host of different tools.