Public Relations Activities & Communications Strategy

Communications Strategy

Planning - Creating issue or event-specific plans to help ensure clear messaging that meets its overall long-term communications goals.

Media Relations

Pitching - Securing media placements, interviews and coverage to promote specific topics or events.
Monitoring - Providing real-time reporting on high priority stories and social media content about issues affecting the company and daily or weekly reporting on all articles direct mentions.

Public Relations

Consulting - Providing general advice on how best to further the brand with strategic long-range thinking about the impact of actions and messaging on brand reputation and image.
Writing - Drafting press releases, talking points, Web posts, FAQs and fact sheets to help explain the company’s message.

Digital Strategy

Consulting – Providing guidance about how best to share information and build reputation online.
Messaging - Creating specific campaigns and content for your social channels and then monitoring them to provide customer service and support.
Social Awareness & Monitoring – Following channels, trends and issues that impact the company to watch for opportunities for trend-jacking, adding the company’s voice to the conversation or otherwise influencing chatter.

Crisis Communications

Planning - Reviewing crisis communications and strategy plans for major events such as hurricanes or data breaches to ensure they cover all communications needs to various stakeholder audiences.
Reactive - Providing expert consultation, advice and ideas when dealing with a high priority issue, such as a Supreme Court ruling or a change in a product, service or program.

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