Channel Planning

Claiming channels, developing voice and evergreen content, designing channel imagery, building editorial calendars and developing processes for in-house channel management.

Content Strategy & Planning

Providing guidance about how best to share information and build a reputation online. Creating issue or event-specific plans to help a company, brand or organization create useful content that meets its overall long-term communication goals. Researching similar marketing efforts from competitors or other brands to inform planning. Creating editorial calendars and posting schedules to maximize the marketing opportunities and ensure messages are synched across channels.

Daily Channel Management

Providing expert management, messaging and design of social media channels with client oversight of messaging and response.

Content Creation & Curation

Drafting articles, blog posts, social media posts, website content and other copy to fuel content marketing efforts and support the brand's overall goals. Creating specific campaigns and content for social channels, and then monitoring them to provide customer service and support including writing to help explain the company’s message. Reviewing copy and content across campaigns to ensure grammatical correctness, consistent style and adherence to the brand's message. Researching and collecting relevant content from blogs and news sources to include in a brand's marketing efforts.

Social Media Brand Extension

Designing covers, backgrounds and icons as well as shareable social graphics to add aesthetic value and corporate consistency to social channels.

Graphic Design, Photography & Videography

Developing attractive visuals to support messaging and marketing efforts for use in print or digital campaigns. Capturing or sourcing imagery that tells a brand's story and supports its marketing efforts.

Campaign Management

Updating digital and social channels on an agreed-upon schedule to ensure the success of a campaign. Observing responses to marketing content on social and digital platforms, and providing answers to replies and reactions to ensure engagement and customer satisfaction. Providing real-time reporting on high-priority stories, social media content about issues affecting the company and daily or weekly reporting on all direct mentions.

Social Awareness & Monitoring

Following channels, trends and issues that impact the company to watch for opportunities for trend-jacking, adding the company’s voice to the conversation or otherwise influencing chatter.