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Bearing Point Properties

Public Relations
Web Design
SPRF Award

While newly-established in the industry with their first multi-family complex (Creekside Crossing in Walker, Louisiana), this budding company clearly needed a strong and cohesive identity to distinguish themselves from the competition, attract investor interest and highlight its talented and versatile team.

Covalent began with numerous meetings and walkthroughs with the owners and staff of Bearing Point Properties, both at their existing complex and at land earmarked for new developments. Through this hands-on approach, our goal was to gain valuable knowledge about their approach, commitment, motivation, passion and vision for their future. We quickly saw Bearing Point Properties was offering the surrounding areas of Baton Rouge an elevated level of quality, style, comfort and amenities not seen before. With this knowledge, our creative team set out to build their brand from the ground up, capturing the essence of this burgeoning business.

Every component of their marketing materials was designed to give them a national, competitive look, while incorporating the rich history and culture of their Louisiana roots. Materials included their mission and value statement, names and logos for upcoming developments (Sawgrass Point in Gonzales and Sweetwater Point in Addis), company tagline (Live on Point), the naming of property unit layouts, property banners, printed materials (promotions and newsletters) for current residents, PowerPoint presentations for investors, comprehensive social media presence, web design, web development and website content that highlighted not only their ongoing commitment to the surrounding communities, but their personal involvement with organizations such as the YMCA, CASA and animal rescue and adoption agencies.

To help increase 12-month leases at their Creekside Crossing location, we created a “Friends with Benefits” door hanger that offered discounts on rent when residents referred a friend.

For their “Momentous Move-In” promotion, we targeted large companies within a 5-mile radius, and hand delivered push cards touting Creekside’s features and amenities while tempting potential residents with move-in prizes and discounts. To sweeten the deal, we brought each company a large platter of fresh-from-the-oven cookies. We also promoted the offer on Bearing Point’s website, sans cookies. Within the first three months, Bearing Point saw a significant increase in 12-month lease signings.