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Mary Bird Perkins Helping Hands

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As Louisiana’s leading cancer care organization, Mary Bird Perkins has provided innovative technology, comprehensive services and compassionate care for more than 40 years. Part of their compassion is the understanding that patients and families often become so focused on their treatment they are unable to take care of their day-to-day obligations. They came to us for strategy and brainstorming on options they could provide for their patients to assist with this challenge. Our solution was to create a patient care registry called Helping Hands.

This scheduling tool allows patients to post a “wish list” of things they need help with (i.e. grocery shopping, yard work, house cleaning, driving patients to and from treatments, etc.). From there, they invite those within their circle to view and claim available tasks. This way, they avoid the default casserole overload and instead receive the assistance they actually need. It provides supporters with a concrete answer to their frequent question “How Can I Help?”.