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Our Lady of Mercy Garden of Peace Columbarium


Covalent created a marketing piece for Mercy to inform parishioners about soon-to-be-available columbarium spaces. Our goal was to make this Direct Mail piece also work as a piece of art, so this brochure could double as a gift to the Parishioners. The mailer folded out to the shape of a cross and combined gloss and dull varnishes for a unique finish with unexpected flashes of color. The folded piece also included a prayer card and a letter from the parish priest, Fr. Cleo.

In 2016, the Catholic Church issued a change to their guidelines on cremation stating that a person’s ashes must be kept in sacred places, such as church cemeteries. As a result, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Baton Rouge began construction on their onsite columbarium, Garden of Peace, that would be open to both parishioners and non-parishioners as a sacred final resting place. During construction, Covalent Logic developed and implemented a campaign that focused on answering questions regarding the practice of cremation and informing parishioners and others of the option to utilize the new onsite columbarium when planning for a family member’s future needs. As a result of the campaign, Our Lady of Mercy reached the number of commitments needed to validate the need for the new facility.