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Jade Newell


Graphic Designer

Multilayered, highly-prized and oh, so valuable, Jade Newell is one graphic designer that lives up to her name.

A 2019 graduate of the University of Louisiana/Lafayette with a B.A. in Fine Arts and a concentration in Graphic Design,  Jade has “shone” her brilliance in bringing client’s brands to life in a multitude of mediums.

Under pressure, she’s a rock. And as part of the Covalent crew, she’s a gem.

Up close and personal…

  • Grandmother predicted my career in art, as I enjoyed drawing all over her walls
  • In sweet Seinfeld fashion, I could eat cereal every day
  • Huge Animal Crossing fan (has seen K. K. Slider in concert three times!)
Experienced. Eccentric. Ever-evolving. Care to join us?