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Katie Whiting


PR & Social Media

What do you call a horror flick fanatic with a retentive memory?

Scary good.

After earning a BA in PR and Business Management from ULL, Katie Whiting put her supernatural abilities to use, gaining experience in genres from Human Resources to Project Management to Customer Relations.

Now as resident Project Manager for Covalent, she’s possessed with perfection, heading off hair-raising hassles before they even begin. So that every project for every client has a happy ending.

For them (and for us), not having Katie in our corner is a ghastly thought.

Up close and personal…

  • Can recall song lyrics after listening once
  • During college internship at Disney, she was a bellhop at Hollywood Studio’s Tower of Terror
  • Can channel Marie Kondo when organizing her home. It brings her joy.
Experienced. Eccentric. Ever-evolving. Care to join us?