No, Thanks: Twitter Personalities You Don't Want to Be

There are many good tweets out there. There are also many bad ones. Below are the 'people' you want to avoid being on Twitter.

1. The Screamer: The Screamer uses all caps and just as in email-it's impolite to do!

2. Don King: Twitter is a community of real people. It is not just free advertising space. Followers do not want to see promotions constantly. Companies should be aware of this when promoting their brands. Constant promotional tweets about low prices, the best deals and so on scream Don King.

3. Mission Impossible: Social Media is like any other form of media. It's important to set goals and have a strategy to reach those goals. The poorest strategy is no strategy at all. #Fail

4. Jack and Jill: Cut down the noise. Followers don't want to see conversations between "Jack" and "Jill" on where they'll be meeting for lunch today. Keep public messages public and private messages private.

5. Silent Bob:
Communicate with the audience-start conversations, engage them. Don't be afraid to RT or @ followers. Twitter is about putting the information out there and creating an online dialogue. Trying to hold a conversation with Silent Bob is no fun.

6. MIA: This one is simple- the more places people can access a Twitter page, the more chances there are to gain followers. So go ahead and add a "Follow us on Twitter" link!

7. Elvis: Thanking a follower for becoming a new follower, for RTing tweets, or for any other matter should be done through a D. Thank them; thank them very much, but do it privately.

8. Howard Stern: Growing up, parents usually suggest there's three things that should never be talked about in mixed company. Those three things are probably religion, politics and sex. Unless the purpose of a company's tweets are based on one of these three things, that business should remain stern about not tweeting about them at all.

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