Yes, Please: Twitter Personalities You Want to Become

While there are many 'people' you want to avoid being in Twitter, there are many Twitter personalities have set great examples. Below are the 'people' you want to aspire to be in Twitter.

1. The Insider: In real life, people have thoughts, feelings and opinions. These are what tend to be what attracts friends and followers.  In Twitter, it is just the same. People often chose to follow the Insider because they're tweets have shown that they have a real insight and share their thoughts, feelings and opinions. But not too many thoughts, feelings and opinions.

2. The Magnet: Wonder why people are on Twitter to begin with? They want to be in the know. A wealth of knowledge attracts many followers.

3. Linky Lou: People become followers because they want to hear what is being said about an issue. Tweet your thoughts. Links are bonuses for your followers.

4. Strawberry Shortcake: Twitter only allows 140 characters, so when using a link with an idea, remember to keep it short and sweet.

5. Heavenly Hash (#): Using hash tags frequently will help tweets show up in searches. A hash tag can be used on any word or phrase. Popular words or phrases to hash out:

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