Actions Become Habits

If you attended any American middle school, you probably saw the classic poster that read something like, “Thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits become personalities ... ” and as we’ve all aged a bit since then, we can vouch for the message a bit more than when we were 13 years old.  

We know the value strong habits have on our lives. Our team of Covalenteers have instilled habitual behaviors into their lives and we think it’s part of what makes them great people to work with. 

Here’s how a handful of us like to start our day

James Thyraththongsay’s alarm clock goes off before anyone else's in the company ... dark and early. 

Monday - Friday

Ok, so we can’t all be James. But Stacey Vincent has found a flow that works for her that also includes some physicality and self-care.

  1. Wake up (after trying — and often failing — to not snooze more than once).
  2. Morning devotional/prayer time — I've found that setting aside this small window of time allows me to start my day off grounded. This ultimately matters most to me and has helped me better weather the storms any given day may throw my way.
  3. Quick hop on Facebook to check notifications and get updates from our kids' schools.
  4. Morning workout — Put in my earbuds and get moving. It isn’t the easiest habit to implement but years after getting this routine going, it's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Building the mental muscle of working out — whether I feel like it or not — has been a game changer. Discipline > motivation
  5. Shower/get ready — Nothing fancy happening here.
  6. Grab my first cup of tea for the day (thanks to my wonderful husband) and head out the door for school drop-off.
  7. Arrive at my desk and get the work day started!

Personally, I’m impressed with Stacey’s ability to complete items 2 - 6 without the support of caffeine. I value the jolt as much as Trae Russell does ...

“I start the day with coffee with the missus, making breakfast for my high schooler and then getting about an hour of work done before the “office” opens. That’s also when I do all my timesheets from the previous day. :-)”

The jolt designer Jade Newell needs has four legs ...

And it wouldn’t be the Obligatory Agency Newsletter if we didn’t keep it real. Senior Account Manager Julie Donald’s routine lacks routine ... and that’s how she likes it. (And we love her for it!)

Do you relate? Do you feel inspired? Let us know what you routinely do upon rising! 

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