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The Benefits of Primary & Secondary Research

When it comes to our clients, first comes the contract. Then the signature. Then the cheers! After celebratory confetti is vacuumed off the floor, the research begins. For every hard-won project, there’s a complementary data set waiting to be discovered.

Data keeps us honest and ensures a fresh, creative direction. It’s also a great way to narrow down audiences and deliver better campaign results. Better campaign results will begat happier clients. Happier clients begat award opportunities. Award opportunities begat referrals … you get the picture.

Research and data are a part of the job but distilling stats and using them strategically is a skill that can be translated into everyday life. You’ve almost certainly practiced primary and secondary research today, whether you realize it or not!

Let’s put primary and secondary research methods to use, using summer vacation planning as an example. Primary research would include:

Secondary research is a good, old-fashioned Google search. But don’t stop at Wikipedia and call it a day - that won’t land you at the best, off-the-beaten-path boutique hotel. For secondary research, dig deep into:

Go through the research checklist above whenever you encounter a topic that needs a deep-dive — whether that’s vacation spots or something loftier — to keep your focus narrow and your goal front-of-mind.

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