Resolutions Resolved: Thinking Ahead to 2024 Goals

All of this content planning has us feeling invincible. Invincible enough to not only create our New Year’s Resolutions in October … but put them in writing … and publish them. 

So, without further ado, and absolutely no pressure at all, here’s what Covalenteers are committing to in 2024! 

Account Manager and social media extraordinaire Katie Whiting has committed to reading two books a month and a new recipe each week. I don’t know about you but I can see this being a very compelling personal social media series for her … Katie’s Books and Cooks? 

Account Manager Theresa Stewart is stepping into her own in 2024 with a goal of walking a thousand miles over the course of the year! Here’s to a good pair of shoes and a blister-free journey, Theresa!  

And CEO and Founder, Stafford Wood, is taking a more philosophical approach to the traditional resolution. Rather than a singular goal, Stafford is adopting a principle:  

“I'm planning to live by a tenet of conscious leadership in all of my activities. ‘Presence is exquisite. How could this moment be more exquisite?’" 

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