Choosing Your Corporate Colors

When choosing corporate branding colors, almost any color can work with another, just let a graphic designer choose the hue. There's a science to color choices, but there's an art to blending your primary and secondary color palette all together and make your corporate colors seem cohesive.

Here's some of the science around color theory and why brands choose certain colors to express the personality of their brand:

Red: …and red all over

Orange: Orange You Glad I Didn't Make a Silly Branding Joke?

Yellow: You Say Good Buy And I Say Yellow: A Bright Insight in Yellow’s Place in Branding

Green: Gotta Be It to Make it: How Companies Profit from Green in Their Branding.

Blue: What in the blue blazes a trail for branding and marketing?

Indigo: Paint Know Big Thing: Incorporating indigo into the branding of business

Violet: Violets Beget Violets: How Some Brands Love Violet with A Purple Passion

Black: Backed in Black: How Companies Use the Psychology of Color to Build Their Brand

White: The Price Is White: How White Works Well in the Building of Brands

Gray: Grey’s Analogy: And How It Blends in with Pretty Much Everything

And the technical side of Pantone, Hexidecimal & CMYK: Now in Amazing Techni(cal) Color...

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